Bem-Vindo Para Moçambique

Welcome to Mozambique

Tours2Moz is the safes and the most convenient way to shuttle between

South Africa and Mozambique

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Moz Info

Mozambique has excellent tourism assets. The country’s natural beauty, wildlife, and cultural heritage provide excellent opportunities for beach, cultural, and eco-tourism.

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Portuguese- Moz Language

The Natives talk Portuguese.

Use this translator to learn the basic or complex words you will need in Moz

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Help us to get all the Mozambique Points of Interest (POI),

all those places where we travel that is not on Google or any Maps, but we think visitors will love to see or enjoy doing.

The only thing you need to do is:

  1. Save the following number in your phone under, Moz Points of Interest: +27812767365
  2. Take at least one, or up to 6 pictures of the POI.
  3. While standing at the POI, send the GPS location via WhatsApp to the MOZ POI number
  4. Send the Photos below the GPS point
  5. Give the name of the POI, and if you have a minute, you are welcome to give us a short description as well.
  6. The 2VisitUs App team will upload the info within 48 working hours on the 2VisitUs App for all Tourists to find and enjoy the POI.